Kudi Yedamaithe 2021 Telugu movie watch download free iBomma
Kudi Yedamaithe
Cast: Amala Paul, Eshwar Rachiraju, Pradeep Rudra
Director: Pawan Kumar
Synopsis: A Food Delivery Guy, who finds a bloody corpse of a young woman in the middle of a night & A Female Police Inspector investigating a missing child's case collide into each other as they meet with a fatal accident, which sends both of them into a Never ending time loop until they figure out an Unimaginable way out of it.

Kudi Yedamaithe 2021 Telugu movie watch online. Amala Paul, Rahul Vijay, Ravi Prakash, Raj Mudiraj’s Kudi edamaithey / Kudiedamaithey / Kudiyedamaithey / Kudi Yedamaithe download free from iBomma.